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Siller Terrazzo Base №6, 8 ml

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Siller Terrazzo Base №6, 8 ml

A new collection Siller Terrazzo of bright colors with shiny sweat flakes from the German brand Siller. The base is easy to apply on the nails, hiding minor visual imperfections. The tool is self-leveling and does not require additional sawdust, sweat flakes are evenly distributed over the nail and do not bulge. Such a base does not weigh down the nail plate, with it you can skip the stage of applying colored gel polish, while the manicure will look elegant and of high quality. Great for self-application without gel polish. 

Application technology Siller:


    1. Siller Terrazzo Base is applied to prepared nails (hygienic manicure, dehydration and degreasing) in a strengthening or thin layer.

    2. After polymerization in a 36 W UV lamp - 2 minutes, in LED - 30-60 seconds.

    3. Then, if desired, apply gel polish or immediately cover with a top coat.

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