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Komilfo Dragon Fruit DF005 8 ml
Komilfo Dragon Fruit DF004 8 ml
Komilfo Dragon Fruit DF003 8 ml
Komilfo Dragon Fruit DF002 8 ml
Komilfo Dragon Fruit DF001 8 ml

Alluring Komilfo Dragon Fruit Collection


Introducing the captivating Komilfo Dragon Fruit Collection, a masterpiece that beckons nail artists and enthusiasts alike.


Nature's Inspiration


Unleash your creativity with this remarkable collection, inspired by the natural allure of dragon fruit. Five delicate shades, adorned with subtle black speckles, mirror the intricate patterns of this exotic fruit. These enchanting colors are perfect for achieving a unique and eye-catching look that will leave your clients in awe.


Komilfo Dragon Fruit Mastery


Embrace the Komilfo Dragon Fruit Collection and unleash your artistic genius. Dive into the world of endless creativity and astonish your clients with captivating nail designs that reflect the beauty of nature's inspiration.