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Oxxi Professional Opal №2 10 ml
Oxxi Professional Opal №1 10 ml

Opulent Shine and Lasting Elegance


Oxxi Opal gel polish remarkable product that offers a spectrum of vibrant colors infused with the opulence of genuine opal. Your clients will adore the captivating shimmer and lasting brilliance that Oxxi Opal provides.


Unmatched Versatility and Ease of Use


Oxxi Opal gel polish is not just about aesthetics; it's about versatility. This gel polish effortlessly adapts to your artistic vision. The smooth application and quick curing time ensure that you can work efficiently, saving you valuable time while delivering exceptional results.


Clients' Dreams Come True


Oxxi Opal's superior formula guarantees chip-free and flawless nails for weeks, enhancing their overall satisfaction. Offer them the brilliance of opal in every stroke with Oxxi Opal gel polish, and watch your nail service business shine like never before.