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EDLEN Rubber Top 9 ml
EDLEN Rubber Top 17 ml
EDLEN Rubber Top 30 ml

Discover the Ultimate Elegance with Edlen Rubber Top


Introducing the Edlen Rubber Top, the quintessential product that redefines the art of nail perfection. Achieving impeccable topcoats has never been easier.


Unparalleled Shine & Durability


With Edlen Rubber Top, your clients' nails will exude unparalleled shine, catching every glint of light. Its unique formula guarantees lasting wear, maintaining that just-done look for weeks. No more worries about chipping or fading.


Seal Your Masterpiece


Sealing your nail masterpiece with an Edlen Rubber Top is the final touch of sophistication. It not only enhances the vibrancy of colors but also adds a protective shield. Your creations will remain flawlessly intact, leaving clients mesmerized.