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Komilfo Top Coat UV 15 ml
Komilfo Top Coat (without brush) UV 30 ml
Komilfo No Wipe UV Top 8 ml
Komilfo No Wipe UV Top 15 ml
Komilfo No Wipe UV Top 30 ml
Komilfo No Wipe Top No Filters (without brush) 50 ml
Komilfo No Wipe Top (without brush) UV 50 ml
Komilfo No Wipe No UV Top 8 ml
Komilfo No Wipe No UV Top 15 ml
Komilfo No Wipe No UV Top 30 ml
Komilfo Wipe Top UV 8 ml
Komilfo Wipe Top (without brush) UV 50 ml

The Komilfo Top Coat Secret


Imagine a world where your nail creations not only dazzle but also endure. This revolutionary formula is engineered to provide an impeccable, long-lasting finish that clients will adore. Whether you specialize in intricate designs or classic elegance, this top coat is your ultimate ally. What's more, Komilfo offers top coats infused with special, diverse particles designed to enhance your nail artistry. These unique particles open up endless creative possibilities, allowing you to craft nail designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.


Brilliance Beyond Compare


What sets Komilfo Top Coat apart is its unrivaled shine and smoothness. When applied to your nail art, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. The mirror-like shine not only intensifies the beauty of your designs but also guarantees longevity. Clients will be captivated by the lasting brilliance that Komilfo Top Coat brings to their nails.


Versatility and Durability


Say goodbye to chipping, fading, or dulling of colors. Your clients will relish in the enduring beauty of their nails, thanks to Komilfo's innovative formula. By applying the top coat to completed nail designs, you can simplify your workflow and save time while delivering exceptional results.