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Reforma Rubber Base 50 ml
Reforma Rubber Base 10 ml
Reforma EW Base 50 ml
Reforma EW Base 10 ml
Reforma Base 10 ml

Unlock Nail Art Mastery with Reforma Base


Reforma Base, your ticket to next-level nail art. This extraordinary base coat is the secret weapon every nail artist needs in their arsenal.


Revolutionize Your Technique with EW Base


Step into the future of nail art with Reforma's EW Base. This groundbreaking medium-viscosity base coat transcends boundaries, catering to both gel polishes and gel nail extensions. Its unique formula offers exceptional adhesion, fortifying even the most fragile nails. The self-leveling consistency guarantees a seamless application without any unwanted spills, even during high-powered polymerization. EW Base isn't just a base; it's the foundation for masterpieces.


Elevate Your Artistry with Rubber Base


For nail artists seeking versatility, Reforma's Rubber Base is the ultimate choice. This universal rubber base coat enhances nail strength, prevents chipping, and self-levels effortlessly. The balanced consistency ensures smooth application and zero discomforts during curing at higher power levels. Whether you're working on a natural look or bold nail art, Rubber Base is your steadfast companion. 


It's time to redefine your artistry with Reforma Base and unlock endless possibilities for your clients.