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FOX French 726 7 ml
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 The Essence of Timeless Beauty


Indulge your clients in the timeless allure of F.O.X French Gel Polish. Our exquisite collection of pastel hues, ranging from delicate pinks to classic beiges, offers the perfect canvas for creating sophisticated nail designs. With a low pigment concentration, the application becomes a breeze, ensuring that every stroke of your brush brings their visions to life.


Elevate Your Nail Artistry


Elevate your nail artistry with F.O.X French Gel Polish. Whether you're aiming for a subtle, understated elegance or a bold, creative masterpiece, our versatile shades and smooth application process empower you to express your creativity with precision and finesse. Your clients will cherish the artistic touch you bring to their nails.


The F.O.X French Experience


Unleash your creativity and deliver manicures that radiate elegance and sophistication, all thanks to F.O.X French Gel Polish. Experience the difference today. Elevate your nail services with F.O.X French Gel Polish and bring timeless beauty to your client's fingertips.