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UNO Rubber Base 15 ml
UNO Rubber Base 30 ml
UNO Rubber Base 50 ml
UNO Classic Base 15 ml
UNO Elastic Base 15 ml
UNO Strong Base 15 ml
UNO Strong Base 30 ml
UNO Strong Base 30 ml(1)
UNO Strong Base 50 ml
UNO Rubber Base Lux 15 ml
UNO Rubber Base Camouflage 8 ml R1
UNO Rubber Base Camouflage 8 ml R2

The Foundation for Perfect Nails


As professional nail technicians, you understand the importance of a reliable and versatile base product. UNO Base not only meets but exceeds your expectations, making it an indispensable tool in your nail service arsenal.


Unleash Your Creativity with UNO Base


UNO Rubber Base - the highest quality among rubber-based coatings. 
UNO Strong Base - a high-quality strong rubber base easy to apply thanks to its consistency and guarantees self-leveling on the nail plate.
UNO Lux Base - a reliable protective cover that does not peel off even on soft and thin nails. 
UNO Base Gel Classic - has all the necessary functions of a base coating. 
UNO Camouflage Base - has a universal shade that allows you to beautifully emphasize the natural beauty of your hands and conceal any imperfections of the nail plate.


A Strong Foundation for Client Satisfaction


No more worries about clients returning with chipped nails – UNO Base keeps their manicures looking impeccable for weeks. Plus, its versatility allows you to cater to various nail types, making it a go-to choice for every customer.