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Cuticle Remover 100 ml
Nail Polish Remover 250ml

Innovate your nail care routine and embrace the future of nail enhancement with Edlen Liquids – where beauty meets innovation.


Non-Acid Nail Primer


Introducing Ultimate Bond, the cutting-edge non-acid nail primer that's redefining the art of nail enhancement. It's not just a primer; it's the unbreakable bond between artificial materials and your natural nails. Forget about pH imbalances and harmful acids; Ultimate Bond is here to revolutionize your nail game.


Gentle Cuticle Remover


CutiCare Bliss is more than just a cuticle remover; it's a transformative experience for your nails. This 3% alkaline solution softens and revitalizes your cuticles while gently exfoliating rough skin around your nail plates. Infused with enriching essential oils, it nurtures your skin and leaves it feeling pampered and nourished.


The Versatile Nail Prep


Nail Polish Remover is not your ordinary nail prep – it's the all-in-one solution for nail perfection. This professional-grade, 3-in-1 preparation wonder is your go-to for all nail systems and treatments. Its mission? To strengthen the bond between your natural nails and artificial materials.