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Komilfo Stone Collection ST003 8 ml
Komilfo Stone Collection ST002 8 ml
Komilfo Stone Collection ST001 8 ml

Elegance of Komilfo Stone Collection


Enter the Komilfo Stone Collection – an exquisite line of gel polishes that redefine elegance in nail design. With a spectrum of soft, stylish shades adorned with delicate speckles, these polishes are the epitome of refinement.


Masterpieces of Nail Artistry


Each shade within the Komilfo Stone Collection is carefully crafted to emulate the beauty of natural stones. From the timeless allure of marble to the earthy charm of granite, these gel polishes bring a touch of luxury to your nail designs. The colors glide on smoothly, leaving no streaks behind, and their finely milled particles ensure a seamless application.


Are You Ready Unleash Your Creativity?


Let your imagination run wild, and turn your clients' nails into works of art with the elegance of Komilfo Gel Polish.
Elevate your nail services to new heights with the Komilfo Stone Collection – where beauty meets endurance, and artistry knows no bounds.