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Komilfo Fiber Base 15 ml
Komilfo Kaleidoscopic Collection K001, 8 ml
Komilfo Top Coat UV 15 ml
Komilfo Rubber Base Coat 8 ml
Komilfo Rior Collection №001 8 ml
Komilfo DeLuxe French №F001 8 ml
Komilfo Kaleidoscopic Collection K002, 8 ml
Komilfo Top Coat (without brush) UV 30 ml
Komilfo Rubber Base Coat 15 ml
Komilfo Rior Collection №002 8 ml
Komilfo DeLuxe French №F001 15 ml
Komilfo Kaleidoscopic Collection K003, 8 ml

Achieve Flawless Nail Enhancements with Komilfo Base Gel


We are a leading nail enhancement brand known for innovative products and exceptional quality. Our Base Gel and Cover Base are highly regarded.


Revealing the Power of Komilfo Base Gel


As a supportive and adhesive base for nail extensions and nail art, Komilfo Base Gel provides a secure attachment layer. Its versatile nature makes it compatible with various nail systems, making it a top choice for nail technicians and enthusiasts. We also contribute to the overall health of natural nails, creating a protective barrier and promoting healthy growth. This dual functionality distinguishes it from ordinary base gels, showcasing Komilfo's commitment to aesthetics and wellness.


Cover Base Komilfo- Your Canvas, Your Rules


We offer flawless coverage and artistic canvas for nail art. Its innovative Base Gel and Cover Base balance viscosity and workability, allowing easy manipulation and application. Elevate your nail game with these innovative products, combining excellence and creativity for mesmerizing nail art creations.