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Komilfo Spider Gel White
Komilfo Spider Gel Silver
Komilfo Spider Gel Gold
Komilfo Spider Gel Black

Discover Your Artistic Potential


Unleash your creativity with Komilfo Spider Gel, the ultimate innovation in nail design. This versatile gel offers nail artists an unparalleled canvas for their imagination. 


Master the Art of Precision


Komilfo Spider Gel is engineered to give you precise control, allowing you to effortlessly craft intricate designs and detailed patterns. Its elasticity and flexibility enable you to create long, fine lines and captivating 3D textures, making your nail art truly stand out.


Elevate Your Nail Art


Elevate your salon offerings and leave your clients in awe of your artistry. Embrace the future of nail art with Komilfo Spider Gel – where innovation meets creativity, and every stroke of gel paint tells a story of beauty and style.