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Komilfo No Wipe Gel Paint White 002 5 ml
Komilfo No Wipe Gel Paint Black 001 5 ml
Komilfo Gel Paint Chrome Silver 5 ml

Elevate Nail Art Artistry


As a nail service expert, you understand the importance of precision and flawless design. Our Gel Paint empowers you to craft intricate nail art with ease. 


Effortless Application


Komilfo No-Wipe Gel Paint boasts a no-wipe formula, saving you valuable time during your appointments. Just apply, cure for 2 minutes under a UV lamp or 30 seconds under an LED lamp, and voilà – a flawless, glossy finish that's ready to flaunt.


Unleash Your Imagination


With Komilfo No Wipe Gel Paint, your nail art journey knows no bounds. Explore your artistic vision and bring it to life with vibrant, long-lasting colors. Elevate your nail services to the next level, leaving clients in awe of your skill and the stunning Gel Paint designs you create.