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Komilfo Macarons Set of 8pcs, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M008, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M007, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M006, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M005, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M004, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M003, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M002, 8 ml
Komilfo Macarons M001, 8 ml

Introducing the Unique Komilfo Macarons Collection for Spring!


Within it, you'll find eight exquisite shades capable of capturing your imagination and bringing vibrant inspiration to your manicure. This incredibly delicious collection has become a true masterpiece deserving a place in every cosmetic bag.


Crafted with Mastery and Creativity


Our artisans dedicated hours of skill and creativity to craft each color in this collection to ensure that each one becomes your unparalleled favorite. Thanks to the bright and sweet fragrances of the gel polishes in this collection, you'll be transported to a world of the most exquisite treats, making your manicure simply irresistible.


Unmatched Beauty and Sensibility


These gel polishes not only possess incredible beauty and delicacy but also feature a perfect texture that applies smoothly, providing your manicure with richness and depth. Try them with a glossy or matte top coat, and they will become a true nail fairytale. Don't miss the chance to add a touch of magic and elegance to your look with the Komilfo Macarons Collection!