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Komilfo No Wipe Art Gel White 002 5 ml
Komilfo No Wipe Art Gel Black 001 5 ml

Unlock Your Creativity with Komilfo Art Gel


With its unique Gel Paint formula, it opens doors to a world of stunning nail designs, whether you're into voluminous masterpieces, delicate vennels, or precise geometric patterns. Say goodbye to sticky residue - Komilfo Art Gel is here to redefine your nail art journey.


Gel Paint Magic


This groundbreaking formula offers unrivaled versatility. Craft intricate designs, accentuate every detail, and blend colors seamlessly. The no-wipe feature ensures your creations remain impeccable, saving you time and effort.


Endless Inspiration


Komilfo Art Gel is your ultimate muse. Explore your imagination and push the boundaries of nail art. Embrace the future of nail artistry with Komilfo Art Gel - where innovation meets beauty.