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FOX Radiance 006 7 ml
FOX Radiance 005 7 ml
FOX Radiance 004 7 ml
FOX Radiance 003 7 ml
FOX Radiance 002 7 ml
FOX Radiance 001 7 ml

Introducing F.O.X Radiance: A World of Stunning Possibilities


Immerse yourself in a world of stunning possibilities as you explore the vibrant shades and unique textures that define Radiance.


Unrivaled Pigmentation for Show-Stopping Nails


Radiance is a unique collection of expressive gel polishes that impress with high pigmentation and an unparalleled black shade, complemented by holographic accents. In this collection, you will find products with intricate components like mica, hexagons, and tiny glitters, creating a captivating shift of various colors. Radiance gel polish has a medium consistency, making it perfect for easy application on the nail plate. 


Transform Your Client's Experience with Radiance


Elevate your clients' nail experience by offering them the magic of Radiance gel polish. The smooth application, long-lasting wear, and dazzling finish will leave them in awe. With Radiance, you're not just providing a service but delivering an unforgettable nail transformation. This product, with its distinctive visual effect, will become an indispensable tool in creating an unmatched festive atmosphere for your clients.