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Komilfo №001 Black 5 ml
Komilfo Soak Off, White, Wipe 5 ml

Komilfo Soak Off Wipe Gel: A Fresh Perspective on Nail Design


The Komilfo Soak Off Wipe Gel is an unparalleled product with a unique dense structure that opens up infinite possibilities in the realm of nail art.


Casting, Painting, and Design - All in One Jar


This product combines three essential aspects of nail craftsmanship: casting, painting, and design, making it an indispensable tool for both professional nail technicians and nail art enthusiasts.

The gel's dense texture ensures excellent adhesion, allowing nail artists to breathe life into their boldest ideas in nail design.


New Horizons of Creativity


Komilfo Soak Off Wipe Gel – your key to boundless creativity in the world of nail art. Let's infuse nails with the expressiveness and style that will captivate the imagination.