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Oxxi Professional Rainbow Cat 10 ml

Oxxi Rainbow Cat Gel Polish


The mesmerizing, multidimensional effects of Oxxi Rainbow Cat gel polish are like nothing you've ever seen before. With each stroke, your nails transform into a canvas of ethereal beauty, as if capturing the Northern lights' elusive dance.


Crafting Dreams into Reality


Oxxi Rainbow Cat gel polish empowers you to create intricate, otherworldly designs that defy convention. Its unique formula, enriched with light-reflecting pigments, allows you to craft everything from mystical landscapes to captivating cat-eye patterns effortlessly.


Unveil Your Signature Style


Oxxi Rainbow Cat gel polish mesmerizing effects and versatility make it the perfect addition to your toolkit. With Oxxi Rainbow Cat gel polish, you're not just a nail artist; you're a sorcerer of style, creating enchantment one nail at a time.