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Siller Rubber Base, 50 ml

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Siller Rubber Base, 50 ml

The most popular product of Rubber Base - provides nail coating strength, elasticity and protection from negative factors. This tool is used as a basis before coating the nail polish gel. Has a dispersed layer, medium acidity level and guarantees excellent grip of the nail polish gel with natural nail. 

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     professional product based on rubber;
-     differs in the minimum content of acid;
-     it is notable for its optimal dispersion layer;
-     has a moderately liquid consistency;
-     convenient in work: it is easily distributed and quickly dries;
-     forms the foundation of future manicure;
-     prevents yellowing and delamination;
-     guarantees high-quality adhesion of nails with gel polish.


Application technology Siller:


    1. Before applying Rubber Base, prepare the nail plate: manicure, degrease.
    2. Apply the Rubber Base in small amounts, evenly distributed over the nail plate. 
    3. Dry in led lamp up to 60 sec (depending on lamp).

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