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Siller NEON Base №5, 8 ml

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Siller NEON Base №5, 8 ml

If you are serious about creating a manicure or doing nails at a professional level, then you and your clients will definitely like the variety that Siller Professional offers. They have created an original collection of neon bases for those who prefer high quality German nail products. Be prepared for the fact that your eyes will run wide when choosing the available shades. Each of them deserves to be among your favorite and most sought after among admirers of bright manicures. 

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     has the ability to self-level;
-     strengthens the nail plate;
-     richly pigmented;
-     pleases with increased durability;
-     the ability to create the architecture of the nail, while achieving a perfectly even coating;
-     8 beautiful shades to choose from;
-     the bases are easy to mix with each other.


Application technology Siller:


    1. Give the nails the desired shape and length, buff their surface with a nail buff, move or trim the cuticle with a manicure cutter or cuticles.

    2. Apply a degreaser to disinfect and remove grease from the nail plates.

    3. Coat your nails with ultrabond nail polish, wait for it to dry.

    4. Apply the Base Neon Siller gel polish base, achieving the perfect relief. Cure in a LED lamp for 60 seconds or 3-4 minutes in a UV lamp, depending on the power of the device.

    5. Apply a gel polish fixer and cure a layer in a manicure lamp. If necessary, wipe off the sticky layer with a clinser when the coating has cooled. 

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