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Siller Crystal Base, 50 ml

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Siller Crystal Base, 50 ml

Add some sparkle to your everyday life to shine bright, regardless of the weather outside the window and the presence of the sun. Crystal Base by Siller Professional is ideal for those who are tired of rich shades, but not yet ready for too classic nudes. This base will become the pearl of your collection as a master and a kind of trump card up your sleeve. Try to offer it in those very cases when you need not too much, but not boring. We are sure that this product will win the hearts of your customers.

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     contains small shining particles that create a pleasant glossy shine;
-     camouflages the irregularities of natural nail plates and evens out their shape, forming the correct apex;
-     a convenient brush allows you to make a coating in just a few movements;
-     aligns itself, you just need to set the direction;
-     does not injure the nail plates and does not cause allergic reactions;
-     will become the basis for coating with gel polishes or creating designs;
-     makes nails dense and strong.


Application technology Siller:


    1. Apply a thin layer of base coat on the nail, then dry it in a UV lamp, check the drying time in the instructions.

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