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Siller Cover Base Milk Opal, 30 ml

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Siller Cover Base Milk Opal, 30 ml

The Siller Cover base is a unique color base for nails that guarantees strong adhesion, prevents peeling and chipping, so that the durability of any gel polish is guaranteed. Incomparably gentle spring shades will not leave indifferent both the master and the client. Due to the medium density, it is easy to lay down on the nail and self-level on the nail plate, which makes it very convenient to use. It is advisable to apply a thin layer of transparent under the color base. 

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     tightly covers the nail plate;

-     strengthens and lengthens nails;

-     architecture is easily and quickly built; 

-     suitable for salon and home use;

-     the most gentle composition;

-     does not bake in the lamp.

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