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Siller Color Base №17, 8 ml

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Siller Color Base №17, 8 ml

Siller Professional is a brand that creates products for the professional segment for creating manicure and gel coating. Base Color will be an excellent addition to the arsenal of a nail service master and will please you with ease of application. Clients will also be delighted with the color palette and will definitely not remain indifferent. Just one layer is enough for your nails to acquire an impeccable shape and be as strong as possible. Even with prolonged wear, this base does not crack or chip at the corners. 

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     palette of shades in pastel colors;

-     self-leveling consistency;

-     wide brush for easy application under the cuticle;

-     dense color that allows you to cover the imperfections of natural nails;

-     medium density allows you to model the correct apex and shape;

-     can serve as the basis for a colored gel coat, as well as various designs;

-     economically spent;

-     quickly polymerizes;

-     effective for strengthening the nail plates.


Application technology Siller:


    1. Apply a thin layer of base coat on the nail.

    2. Dry it in a UV lamp.

    3. Check the drying time in the instructions.

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