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Siller Base Fiber cover №03, 8 ml

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Siller Base Fiber cover №03, 8 ml

Base for gel-lacquer brand Siller Professional - is a great choice for owners of brittle, thin and stratified nails. The formula is enriched with special nylon fibers that create a reinforcing layer and strengthen the nail plates. The tool is recommended to be applied on a plastic base, it is well polymerized in a lamp and gives a long period of wearing for at least 2 weeks. 

  Advantage of Siller products:

-     strengthens the fragile and thin structure of the nail plates;

-     creates an ideal surface for coating;

-     allows you to perform a quick nail repair;

-     the composition contains a large number of fibers;

-     does not require a substrate;

-     has a reinforcing effect;

-     can be used on long weakened nails;

-     independently leveled;

-     equipped with a thin and convenient for application brush;

-     does not bake in a lamp;

-     works great with a medium acid base;

-     rigid, hard and plastic;

-     polymerization time: 60-120 seconds;

-     can be used with a camouflage base;

-     prevents delamination and brittle nails;

-     guarantees a long period of wearing the coating;

-     economically spent;

-     suitable for home and professional use.

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