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Kodi Set of Natural Base 12 ml

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Kodi Set of Natural Base 12 ml

Set of Natural Rubber Base, 12 ml

Natural Rubber Bases in our official store Kodi Professional ✅ are the choice of every experienced nail artist
who appreciates high quality, modern formula, and comfort in work.
This product is the most popular in our range and a must-have item in the collection of professionals around the world.

Properties that masters value so much:

  • it is elastic
  • provides perfect adhesion and prolongs the durability of the coating
  • has residual stickiness after polymerization and strengthens natural nail plates.

The Pink Base
The Pink Ice Base
The Natural Beige Base
The Dark Beige Base
The Tea Rose Base
The Ivory Base

Polymerization time:
in a 36-watt UV lamp — 2 minutes
in the LED lamp - 30 seconds.

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