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Kodi Rubber Base 30 ml

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Kodi Rubber Base 30 ml

Kodi Rubber Base is a new-generation product with a unique composition.
Provides the coating with strength, wear resistance, and elasticity.
The tool is used as a base and is applied before covering with gel polish.
The professional rubber base, thanks to its properties, guarantees excellent adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail.
It has a dispersion layer.

Advantages: ​​

  • ensures uniformity of coverage;
  • durability and long-term wear of the coating;
  • prevents damage and peeling;
  • viscous consistency and economical consumption;
  • easy to apply and does not spread;
  • optimally suitable for thin, brittle, and problematic nails with irregularities.

Application recommendations: apply a thin layer.
Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds.
Easily removed using the special Tips Off tool.

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