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Kodi Rubber Base Gel 8 ml (White)

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Kodi Rubber Base Gel 8 ml (White)

White Rubber Base Gel Kodi professional

KODI PROFESSIONAL presents a long-awaited new product that expands the color palette of professional bases for gel nail polish.
Rubber Base gel, which has recommended itself in the best way, is now available in natural white color.
Rubber Base gel White base for gel varnish, while retaining all the characteristics of rubber bases,
has a camouflaging effect, can be used as an independent coating, and also as a white base-substrate for gel varnish.
Recommended for clients with uneven color and pronounced irregularities of the nail plate.
The base is characterized by a self-leveling texture and has a sticky layer.
It is easy to apply, does not spread, provides excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate,
and, as a result, a long period of wear without cracking and damage.

Application recommendations: apply a thin layer.

Polymerization time:
UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes;
LED - 30 seconds.

Easy to remove when using the special Tips Off tool.

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