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Komilfo Gel Jelly Cover 1 50 ml

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Komilfo Gel Jelly Cover 1 50 ml


-     Komilfo Gel Jelly is a gel with a unique jelly consistency that does not flow, yet is easily leveled with a brush and allows you to create the perfect nail architecture with minimal filing;

-     Viscous;

-     Designed for a three-phase system;

-     Easily compresses and holds the arch;

-     Suitable for strengthening, building, modeling complex shapes and correction;

-     Gel-jelly polymerizes in LED and UV lamps!




  1. Make a standard preparation of the nail plate for extension. It is advisable to exclude maceration with water before building.

  2. Degrease the nail plate with Nail Prep and let it dry.

  3. Apply acid primer, avoiding cuticles and lateral ridges. Let it dry for 30 s.

  4. Prime the nail with a gel base. Dry in a lamp: 30 s in LED and hybrid, in UV - 2 min. Trim and shape under the nail.

  5. Spread gel-jelly on the form in several layers (recommended 2). Each layer is polymerized in a lamp: 60 s in LED and hybrid, in UV - 4 min. After the first drying, press the arch and dry for another 30 seconds. After the second layer, press the arch and let the material cool in this position (3-4 minutes).

    *For gel-jelly french coat: set the mold, use a thin brush of Komilfo liner to lay out the desired smile with camouflage gel and dry. Apply the second layer to the body of the nail with an oval brush and dry. Delete the form. Remove the sticky layer from the gel with a clincher. Correct the smile with a nail file and put the same shape again, put white jelly gel on it in 2 layers. Hold up the arch. Dry with a clip or let the form fix itself for 2-4 minutes.

  6. Wipe the finished nail with Nail Prep on the outside and inside and file the desired nail architecture.

  7. Use Nail Prep to remove residual dust from the nail plate. You can apply a thin layer of top coat for Komilfo gel system and dry for 60-90 seconds in a LED lamp, (in a UV lamp - 4 minutes), or apply color gel polish in 2 layers, drying each layer, and fix with a top coat for gel polishes.

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