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Komilfo Aqua Drops Purple №008 5 ml

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Komilfo Aqua Drops Purple №008 5 ml



  1. Carry out the standard preparation of the nail: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After that, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreaser. If necessary, apply ultrabond - a special acid-free preparation for additional adhesion of subsequent coatings with a natural nail.

  2. Apply a thin layer of Komilfo Gel Polish Base Coat on the nail, then dry it in a UV lamp (2 minutes) or LED lamp (30 seconds).

  3. Apply 2 coats of Komilfo color gel polish. Don't forget to seal every layer (including base and top). The polymerization time of colored gel polish in an LED lamp is 30 seconds. For UV and weak lamps, we recommend applying color gel polish in a thin layer due to the high pigmentation of gel polish. Polymerization time in a UV lamp - 2 minutes.

  4. Warning: If you want to use highly pigmented gel polishes, your UV lamp must be at least 36W and your LED lamp must be at least 9W. Light bulbs should be changed regularly.

  5. Apply the Komilfo Blending Solution base to the colored gel polish.

  6. Create your own unique design with colored Komilfo Aqua Drops.

    Komilfo Aqua Drops AIR DRY within 2-3 minutes! Then buff the butt.

  7. Apply a thin layer of rubber base over the design. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds, in UV lamp for 2 minutes.

  8. Apply a thin layer of Komilfo gel polish top coat, dry it in the LED lamp for 90 seconds. In a UV lamp, the maximum amount of time indicated on the timer.

  9. When finished, apply cuticle oil.

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