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Valeri Flash Gel polish №08 6 ml

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Valeri Flash Gel polish №08 6 ml

The Flash gel polish collection consists of 8 shimmering shades that shimmer with incredible brilliance.
The intensity of the radiance of the coating depends on the angle of light and the power of the light source.
Thanks to this effect, your manicure will shine brightly even in the dark.

- In the palette only popular shades
- Each jar contains reflective sand and sparkles that sparkle in any light
- Gel polishes of medium consistency, cover the nail plate in one layer
- Ideal for creating a mysterious image in the autumn-winter period

Application technology:
1. Treat the surface of the nail with a buff and apply a degreasing agent Nail Prep;
2. Apply Ultrabond - acid-free primer for extra grip 3. Apply any base coat, dry in the lamp;
4. Apply Flash gel polish in 1-2 layers and dry in a lamp: UV lamp (36 W) - 2 min., LED lamp - 60 s.;
5. Apply a top coat - any top coat of your choice. Cure in a lamp.

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