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Touch No Wipe No Sticky Top 30 ml

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Touch No Wipe No Sticky Top 30 ml

Once you’ve finished the delightful design, you want to keep it as long as possible. After all, only a durable result motivates the client to return to the selected wizard over and over.

Touch No Wipe Top - a fixative that securely fixes the gel-varnish system and additionally decorates the nails with phenomenal luster. The practical formula leaves no sticky plaque, which allows you to admire a new manicure immediately after the polymerization of the top.

Features of Touch No Wipe Top:

     - perfectly combined with black and light shades;
     - has a pleasant texture of medium density;
     - easy to apply and fix manicure up to a month of wearing;
     - polymerizes without residual stickiness.

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