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Thuya Vegan Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye Coffee, 14 ml

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Thuya Vegan Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye Coffee, 14 ml

Thuya Vegan Line is a new line of vegan eyebrow and eyelash dyes that do not contain animal keratin, only a plant-based alternative!

An alternative is a hydrolyzed molecule derived from a combination of hemp and rice proteins. The use of this active ingredient strengthens hairs and ensures their elasticity.


  • wide range of shades;

  • natural pure color with a powdery imprint on the skin;

  • color that retains its depth and brightness of tone on the hairs for up to 8 weeks;

  • 100% gray coloring.

Thuya Vegan paint shade palette:

  • Coffee is the perfect brown to achieve natural colors. Suitable for coloring light eyelashes and dark eyebrows.

  • Golden Brown - a light brown color with a soft golden hue. Ideal for eyebrows with blonde, red, brown or light brown hair.

  • Warm Gray - taupe shade (gray taupe), neutral tone. This shade is perfect for shaded, ash blonde, brunette hair.

  • Black Night is a black shade with soft blue highlights. Ideal for tinting eyelashes. Thanks to its constituent components, it provides bright and intense color.


How to use: mix thuya vegan dye with cream or liquid oxidizing agent in a 1:1 ratio until smooth. Apply the dye to the desired area of dyeing (eyebrows or eyelashes). After the exposure time has ended, remove the dye with a damp sponge.

Exposure time is 10-15 minutes for natural light shades and 15-20 minutes for darker shades and a graphic imprint on the skin.

One tube of dye is enough for 40 coloring procedures.


Shelf life after opening: 12 months


Volume: 14 ml

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