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Thuya Hand Cream Hydrate, 50 ml

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Thuya Hand Cream Hydrate, 50 ml

Thuya Hand Cream Hydrate is a caring cosmetic product that provides the skin with a deep level of hydration, normalizes the balance, and positively affects the structure of the dermis. The cream is developed on the basis of the latest conceptual therapeutic technology and has prolonged effectiveness. Does not contain parabens, silicones, or petroleum products. Unique naturalness and proven medicinal properties - your hands will receive maximum care and the most modern beauty care!


  • the composition of oils (almond and jojoba) in combination with vitamin E is the best symbiosis for deep hydration, softening, increasing protective properties, and increasing elasticity. The combination of oils and vitamin E gives a super synergy affect - the skin is simultaneously saturated with moisture and nutrients!

  • shea butter - an indispensable ingredient that also provides powerful hydration and serves as a source of nutrients, additionally guarantees protection from cold, heat, dryness, and other negative factors;

  • a special moisturizing complex, which includes natural polymeric saccharides and hygroscopic molecules that help the dermis retain moisture. Thanks to this complex, the skin actively resists aging. Prolonged moisturizing effect up to 72 hours!

  • hyaluronic acid is a necessary ingredient in moisturizing cosmetics, responsible for maintaining optimal hydro balance in the epidermis. Gives tenderness, smoothness, and silkiness.

  • beeswax, healing injuries, damage, brightening pigmentation, and smoothing wrinkles.

Volume: 50 ml

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