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Thuya Hand Cream Anti Aging, 50 ml

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Thuya Hand Cream Anti Aging, 50 ml

Thuya Hand Cream Anti-Aging Collagen activator will restore skin elasticity and firmness, and slow down wilting by directly influencing microcirculation processes. It is a drug of a new conceptual therapy with a prolonged effect. Does not contain parabens, silicones, or petroleum derivatives. Maximum performance, natural, with unique properties - this cream will change your idea of ​​what modern cosmetics are capable of.

The main active ingredients of the cream are:

  • a peptide complex of five amino acids that activate intracellular communication. The tissues get an impetus to natural regeneration, the production of laminin and collagen increases, the epidermal cover becomes more elastic and elastic, and the number and severity of wrinkles decrease (by 15% within six weeks!). Rejuvenating effectiveness confirmed by tests and trials!

  • a high concentration of Wu-zhu-yu extract, which has a local directed effect on microcirculation processes, makes the skin fresher, and radiant, and relieves vasospasm.

  • a special, newest type of active optical pigment that reflects light and visually hides wrinkles. Its effect is noticeable immediately after applying the cream!

beeswax is known for its healing properties, and the ability to smooth the microrelief of the epidermis and reduce pigmentation.

Volume: 50 ml

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