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Staleks CLASSIC 10 NC-10-14

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Staleks CLASSIC 10 NC-10-14

Cuticle cuticle is a mandatory part of manicure set. With this tool you can carefully cut off the extra skin, without wasting much time and effort. Staleks cutters from the home Classic series are the perfect choice for those who want to make fingernails always look beautiful and groomed. With their help, you will forever forget about the burrs and wounds that could leave a poor quality instrument.

Classic cutters 10 NC-10-14 (N3-11-14 (KM-01)) are classic cutter cutters with a cutting edge length of 14 mm and a tool length of 108 mm.

The choice of the length of the cutter blades depends only on personal preferences and convenience of placement in the hand.

Features of STALEKS CLASSIC leather cutters 10 NC-10-14:

Made of 40X13 steel, which adds additional hardness and corrosion resistance to the tool;
The working edges are located at a small angle, making the procedure even more comfortable and efficient;
Professional double-sided sharpening blades allows you to cut off the extra skin with one push on the handles;
Heat treatment in a special furnace improves the functional properties and extends the service life;
Reliable fixation of the working parts prevents backlash and, as a result, guarantees the safety of the procedure;
Metal plates between the handles ensure smooth running of the tool;
Ergonomic handles are conveniently placed in the palm of the hand, do not press and do not slip.

Thanks to the Classic 10 NC-10-14 Staleks cuticle cuticle cuticles, the end result will surprise you.

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