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Staleks PRO EXPERT 20 TYPE 1 TE-20/1

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Staleks PRO EXPERT 20 TYPE 1 TE-20/1

Quality and style, ease in performing their professional duties - all this can be guaranteed with Staleks working tools. Staleks Pro Expert expanded its range of eyebrow modeling tools and released Expert 20 tweezers. In the Expert 20 series the developers took into account all the intricacies of the brow masters and their needs. One of the models is TE-20/1(T7-11-01).

Tweezers have wide straight edges and are recommended for correction of thick, broad eyebrows.

Features of STALEKS PRO EXPERT 20 eyebrow tweezers:

Efficiency: The enlarged working areas ensure the removal of hairs from the root, grip the material along the entire length without breaking, and the thin (0.1 mm) edges provide a comfortable and easy grip of extremely short and thin hair;
Convenience: due to a small bevel, the hand takes a comfortable position, and the soft, sliding stroke of the tool reduces the load, and the master is less tired during work;
Safety: polished working parts do not scratch the skin during correction;
Reliability: 40X13 stainless steel and perfect hand sharpening under the microscope will keep the tool sharp and wear-resistant for a long time;
Ergonomics: the optimal length of the handles is conveniently placed in the hand.

Professional Staleks Pro Expert 20 tweezers are recommended to be disinfected by cold or hot sterilization.

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