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Staleks PRO EXPERT 11 TYPE 5 V TE-11/5

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Staleks PRO EXPERT 11 TYPE 5 V TE-11/5

The professionalism of the Master Lash&Brow is felt in his confident movements, which are honed to automaticity. And his work depends on quality materials and tools.

Staleks Expert 11 TE-11/5 eyebrow tweezers are specially designed for professionals. The tweezers are fully capable of removing single and ingrown hairs and have pointed edges for ease of use. 

Features of Expert 11 TE-11/5 Staleks Pro tweezers:

Perfectly removes even the most naughty hairs: thick - with a root, without breaking, and thin working platforms of the tool (0.1 mm) guarantee a convenient grip of short and thin hairs;
Tweezers are made of high-quality steel 40X13, due to which it serves for a long time: it has a high corrosion resistance, holds the sharpening for a long time, is easy to sterilize - extremely cold;
The tool is sharpened by the masters manually and, if properly used, will last a long time even at the most popular brovist;
Perfect polishing does not scratch the skin during the correction, which will not leave indifferent to any customer.

Another advantage for the craftsman is the smooth smooth movement of the product. This will reduce the fatigue of the hand and will allow you to finish the work faster and better.

Stylish, glossy coloured coating of pens will not leave any girl indifferent: neither master nor customer. Staleks tool is nice to work in all respects.

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