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Staleks PRO EXPERT 10 TYPE 5 TE-10/5

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Staleks PRO EXPERT 10 TYPE 5 TE-10/5

A brovist master, like any other beauty craftsman, has his own tools. The wizard knows exactly what tool is needed for each client and easily selects it depending on the task. Speed and comfort are important for both the master and the client. Equally important is the quality and durability of the tool. Staleks has developed Expert 10 tweezers for maximum comfort.

Tweezers Expert 10 TE-10/5(T7-10-08) are pincers with point edges for careful correction of eyebrows, removal of individual or ingrown hairs. Its narrow, carefully sharpened and polished edges make the eyebrows look well-groomed without any effort. 

Features of Expert 10 TE-10/5 tweezers:

Is made of stainless steel 40X13 - tool maximum resistant to metal corrosion;
Manually sharpened under a microscope - repeated sharpening will be required no earlier than six months of frequent use;
Polishing the outside of the working part - tweezers do not damage the skin during correction;
Short handles - convenience in work for the master with small hands;
Thin (0.1 mm) edges of the tool - grip and removal occurs with the root and without breaking even the most difficult, short and brittle hairs;
Light stroke and seemingly small bevel of the handles - the hand of the master is in a comfortable position during the procedure, less tired and effectively conducts correction;
The cheeks are sharpened at a sharp angle for the convenience of eyebrow correction.

The job must be profitable and enjoyable. Once you have tried on the Expert 10 TE-10/5 Staleks Pro tweezers, you will surely appreciate all its advantages in action and leave it in your working accessories arsenal as an invaluable assistant to a professional brovist master.

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