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Kodi Matte Top Coat "Satin" 7 ml

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Kodi Matte Top Coat "Satin" 7 ml

Matte Top Coat "Satin" Kodi professional

Topcoat Satin is a topcoat for gel polish that provides a smooth matte finish with a satin effect after polymerization.

In addition to protecting the gel varnish coating from various damages, the Satin matte top coat perfectly emphasizes
the depth of dark shades and the tenderness of light shades, making the nail design more refined and elegant.
Does not have a sticky layer.

  • provides a pronounced satin texture of the nails;
  • gives the coating additional strength;
  • prevents the formation of chips, cracks, scratches;
  • expands aesthetic possibilities when performing various types of nail art.


The balanced consistency facilitates easy and even application of the top in a thin layer without spreading.

Polymerization time:
UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes,
LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

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