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Roks Rubber Base French No. 1, 12 ml

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Roks Rubber Base French No. 1, 12 ml

One of the most necessary beauty products in the professional activity of a nail master is a camouflage base for gel polish. The rubber base with a fairly dense pigment gives the nails a natural natural shade and masks imperfections. A beauty product from the Roks brand is also used to strengthen the nail plate, repair a broken nail and level the surface. Camouflage base will be your faithful assistant for beautiful, neat and well-groomed nails.

Features of the camouflage base for gel polish brand Roks: 

  • a large palette of shades;
  • does not create cracks and chips;
  • can be used under a French manicure;
  • does not spread;
  • easily distributed over the nail plate;
  • self-levelling;
  • helps save time;
  • even in one thin layer covers the nail plate without strong visible effects;
  • economical consumption;
  • affordable price;
  • for individual and professional use. 
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