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PNB #222 Papaya, 8 ml

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PNB #222 Papaya, 8 ml

If you are looking for high-quality and relatively inexpensive gel polishes for work in a nail salon or for home use, pay attention to the products of the American professional brand PNB! The Gel Polish line created by him is easy to use due to the short curing time, beautiful gloss, long durability and a practical brush. A wide palette of shades allows you to choose the right one without much effort.

After drying in a special UV or LED lamp, gel polish forms a dense and smooth coating that pleases with a radiant gloss for a long time. Chips and cracks Leave them in the past, because now you have a wonderful product PNB Gel Polish!

Mode of application:

-     Disinfect and degrease the nail plate with a special Nail Prep.

-     Apply a small amount of Bond Control Acid Free Primer.

-     Apply a thin layer of base gel polish - Base coat PNB 8 ml. Don't forget to seal the end of the nail. Cure in a 36W UV lamp for two minutes or in an LED lamp for 60 seconds.

-     Apply two coats of PNB 8 ml color gel polish, sealing the end of the nail and curing each coat in a UV lamp.

-     Cover your nails with a top coat of PNB gel polish – Top coat PNB 8 ml. Remember to seal the end and dry in a UV lamp.

-     Remove the tacky layer with a lint-free cloth and Gel CLeanser.

-     Apply cuticle oil and rub it in.

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