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PNB UV_LED ExtraPro Base 17ml

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PNB UV_LED ExtraPro Base 17ml

ExtraPro Base PNB, Keratin Complex 一 professional rubber, hypoallergenic base with keratin for creating an ultra-resistant manicure. Taking steps to meet all the needs of our customers, we have improved the composition of this indispensable product.

  Advantage of PNB products:

-     hypoallergenic formula 12 FREE with keratin;

-     absence of HEMA monomer;

-     strengthens the nail plate thanks to keratin in the composition;

-     medium stiffness of the material and optimal elasticity;

-     does not flow into the side ridges, is easily distributed;

-     hides any imperfections of the nail plate, creating the correct architecture;

-     is distinguished by perfect self-leveling and guarantees the creation of flawless highlights;

-     suitable for working with damaged, hypersensitive, thin nails, and with nails of allergy sufferers;

-     low temperature product;

-     maximum adhesion and durability of the manicure.


Product features:


-     the new formula is saturated with keratin, which seals, provides enhanced protection, as well as maximum adhesion to the nail plate;

-     HEMA FREE is a hypoallergenic formula with a monomer-free composition labeled 12 FREE. An ideal choice for allergy sufferers, does not dry out and does not damage the nail plate. We have developed a safe base that minimizes skin sensitization by replacing the HEMA monomer with HPMA;

-     a low-temperature product that guarantees the absence of chemical and thermal burns. On thin, damaged nails, the feeling of heating is almost imperceptible, and on normal nails it is completely absent;

-     medium stiffness of the material, unlike the previous soft formula. This feature provides special durability of the coating, keeping all the advantages of the rubber base;

-     instant self-leveling. Working with an updated base saves time on creating an ideal surface and highlights.

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