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PNB Fiber Base Clear Pink 30ml

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PNB Fiber Base Clear Pink 30ml

Clear, with a light pink shade.

Reinforcing base coating with unique properties.

Contains visible nylon fibers, creating a powerful protective frame on the surface of the nail, both very hard and flexible.

Applying Fiber Base PNB fibers serve as a reinforcing element. They protect the nail plate from brittleness and delamination.

Vitamin E and calcium (Ca), included in Fiber Base PNB, have a strengthening effect, restores the natural growth of healthy nails.

Fiber Base PNB is thick, medium viscosity.

It instantly aligns on the surface of the nail.

Ideal for strengthening, repairing, reconstructing nails, modelling the shape and building a small free edge.

Ideal base coat for weakened, brittle and thin nails.

The wearability of the coating is not less than 21 days.

Has a dispersion (sticky) layer, excellent adhesive properties.

Cured in a 48 Watt UV / LED lamp - 60 sec.

It can wear it on its own and as a base under colored gel nail polish.

  Application technology PNB:


    1. Perform standard mechanical preparation of the nail plate.

    2. Treat nails with degreaser Nail Dehydrator.

    3. Apply the acid-free primer Bond Control, dry in the air for 30 seconds.

    4. The first layer of the base is applied in a thin layer, rubbing movements. Curing in LED, UV/LED lamp.

    5. Afterwards, apply one more thin layer of base, not reaching the cuticle of 0.5 mm. Pick up a small drop of Fiber Base PNB on the brush and distribute it evenly over the non-cured layer, simulating the shape of the nail. Then cure in UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

    6. Apply colored gel nail polish in 1-2 layers, curing each. Finish with a top coat.

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