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PNB CG Camouflage Base Garter Belt 8ml

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PNB CG Camouflage Base Garter Belt 8ml

Complete your base coat palette with stunning colors from your favorite PNB brand.

Shimmering particles of decorative mica emphasize the beauty of nails and become an elegant highlight of the overall look. Particles of sweat in a significant amount are visible even from the depth of the coating. Lightness, magnetism and attractiveness in every bottle of  PNB Camouflage Base Coquette Girl. Fall in love at first sight! PNB 's Camouflage Base Coquette Girl  is thicker than a regular base in terms of its characteristics . It has a medium viscosity, so you can easily level the nail plate. This is a unique material that combines the ability to strengthen nails, exquisite color and design in one bottle. 

Garter Belt (light violet) - Refreshing soft purple base color with silver flak particles. The shade on the nails can be a small but key detail that turns an ordinary look into a somewhat magnetic one. The shimmery accents in the base composition will dizzy and quicken the pulse, just like the beauty of the lace garter belt.

  Advantage of PNB products:

-     elasticity and plasticity of the material;

-     high level of adhesion; does not spread;

-     strengthening and design in one bottle; the radiance of the waist gives the coating a depth effect;

-     creates stunning visual effects, multi-colored highlights;

-     7-free composition;

-     rich pigmentation with particles of mica;

-     perfect application;

-     flawlessly self-levels, hoist inclusions are easily distributed;

-     does not injure the nail plate;

-     no pungent odor;

-     does not chip;

-     does not burn in the lamp;

-     does not require additional filing;

-     long wearing time;

-     perfect choice for trendy designs;

-     reduces the time of the wizard by 10-15 minutes.


Application technology PNB:


    1. Prepare the nail plate with a 180 grit PNB buff or a 240 grit file, removing the gloss from the entire surface of the nail.    

    2. Apply auxiliary liquid: PNB Nail Dehydrator  and PNB Bond Control  to the entire nail plate.   

    3. Apply a very thin coat of UV/LED  Scotch Base  / Universal Base  / HEMA FREE Base PNB , cure in lamp for 60 seconds.   

    4. Apply a thin coat of UV/LED Camouflage Base PNB Coquette Girl, seal free edge, cure in lamp for 90 seconds.  

    5. Apply a second layer, place a drop of the base on the high point of the nail and stretch it evenly to the free edge. The thickness of the layout of the material should not exceed 1 mm.

    6. Dry 90 seconds in the lamp.

    7. Design/cover with PNB top. 

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