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O.P.I #HPH16 Ring the Bazzer Again 15 ml

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O.P.I #HPH16 Ring the Bazzer Again 15 ml

OPI GelColor gel polishes are a gel manicure system from the well-known American company O.P.I. with many years of experience in the production of nail products. These gel polishes keep your nails healthy and strong with captivating color and glossy color coating.


Everyone knows about the impeccable reputation of OPI.

With OPI Gelcolor gel polishes you will definitely fall in love with your nails and you don't have to worry about harm to your nails, because OPI coating is absolutely safe, incredibly beautiful and super resistant.



-     Preparing nails for gel polish application.

Clean the nails from the previous coating. Shape them with a natural nail file. Push back cuticles with a nail pusher. Finish your nail preparation with a cleanser and degreaser. For weak and brittle nails, as well as with a wet nail plate, it is recommended to use ultrabond - a deep-acting drug that temporarily dehydrates the nail plate, and also degreases its surface well. Partial application of ultrabond is possible only in problem areas where rapid peeling of the coating is possible.

-     Applying a base coat.

Apply one thin coat of OPI GelColor Base Coat. Be careful, if necessary, remove excess gel polish from the cuticle with a manicure orange stick. Be sure to seal the free edge of the nail. Dry the base coat in a UV lamp (1 minute) or in a LED machine (30 seconds).


-     Color coating application.

Before using OPI GelColor gel polishes, it is recommended to shake the bottle to mix the pigments. Apply one thin coat of OPI GelColor, sealing the free edge of the nail. If necessary, remove excess gel polish from the cuticle and skin around the nail before drying. Dry the color coat layer in a UV lamp (2 minutes) or in a LED machine (30 seconds). Then apply another thin coat of OPI GelColor and let dry.


-     Fixing the color coating.

Apply one thin coat of OPI GelColor Top Coat and cure in a UV lamp (3 minutes) or LED (30 seconds). Then remove the tacky layer with a lint-free cloth moistened with an adhesive remover. The top coat will reliably protect your nails and color coating from the effects of the external environment, as well as give them shine and brightness. At the end of the procedure, moisturize the cuticles with nail and cuticle oil.




-     Moisten a sponge or lint-free cloth with gel polish remover place on the nail and wrap it in foil. Soaking time - 10 minutes. Then, with a twisting motion, lightly pressing with your fingers, remove the foil, sponge and gel polish from the surface of the natural nail. Remove the remaining gel polish with a manicure pusher or orange stick gently, without pressing or scratching the nail. If you used ultrabond, the soaking time should be increased by 5-7 minutes. If the gel polish has not completely moved away from the nail plate, wrap the problem nail again with foil and a sponge moistened with gel polish remover and wait another 2-3 minutes.

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