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NUB Rubber Base Nude Shimmer, 8 ml

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NUB Rubber Base Nude Shimmer, 8 ml

The NUB Rubber Base - a coating that perfectly performs the functions of a base for gel polish, but due to the very beautiful visual effects can be successfully used independently just under the top! Ideal for French designs and manicure in the style of "nude" with sparkling accents!

The NUB Rubber Base rubber base has a thick consistency, self-levelling properties and therefore allows to hide irregularities on the nails, giving their surface amazing smoothness and contributing to the best gel application. Applied in one layer with the usual technique of decorative manicure and in two if the master works in drip technique of nail alignment (the first layer is applied thin and polymerized, the second - in the form of a large drop in the center of the nail plate, a little closer to the base, and then gradually distributed over the entire surface, making it perfectly smooth).

The advantages of the NUB Rubber Base rubber base include: high resistance of the manicure coating, high density, allowing it to be used in a biogel-like way to strengthen thin nails, self-levelling to obtain a perfectly smooth surface and perfect gel polish application. Craftsmen who are professionally engaged in nail service, with the help of a rubber base are able to perform local repair of nails (for example, if a corner broke, it can be added).

Bottle 8 ml.

Polymerization time: 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 30-45 seconds in LED.

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