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NUB Rubber Base Coat № 04, 8 ml

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NUB Rubber Base Coat № 04, 8 ml

Rubber base for NUB Rubber Base Coat gel with camouflage effect - a material with a thick consistency and a special texture. It does not spread, perfectly aligns itself, promotes the perfect application of gel polish and allows you to get a very aesthetic decorative manicure. Can be used as a normal base and as a means to align the nail plates by a drip method (applied in two stages: a thin layer, and after its polymerization by a large drop in the center of the nail, and then as it is stretched across the entire surface, hiding any flaws).

Rubber base for NUB Rubber Base Coat gel - a kind of corrector. Due to the fact that the base has a shade, even the weakest gel polish will lie perfectly in just two layers. It perfectly performs the function of strengthening weak nail plates, serving as an alternative to biogel. Craftsmen who are professionally engaged in nail service, with the help of a rubber base are able to perform local repair of nails (for example, if a corner broke, it can be added).

Bottle 8 ml.

The color is milky white.

Polymerization time: 2-3 minutes in UV lamp, 30-45 seconds in LED.

Country of manufacture: USA.

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