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NUB Nude Base Coat №07, 8 ml

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NUB Nude Base Coat №07, 8 ml

The NUB Nude Base Base Coating Rubber Camouflage Gel Coat is a highly elastic nyl material that provides comfort in performing a durable manicure, is one of the guarantees of its preservation for two weeks and longer. Due to the presence of rubber, even on thin and weak nails with the help of this base, it is possible to create optimal conditions for the perfect application of gel polish. It perfectly aligns problem nail plates, gives them a beautiful color, makes them more dense and smooth. Ideal for nyle design in the style of "French", "nude", as it allows you to do without gel polish (two layers of the base give a good color). During wear, the rubber base does not shrink, does not change dynamically and is therefore suitable for long bending nails.

Recommendations for use

Store the base best at room temperature (20-25 degrees Celsius).
If the temperature conditions are lower than those indicated, then after application the base layer on the nails should be given a few seconds for additional self-levelling.
Due to the large number of colors, it is possible to match the base perfectly to the skin tone of the client, lifting the brush with the material to the wrist.
Working with this base, you can do without the aggressive effect on the nails, treating them with NUB PREP STEP PREP, and on the free edge applying ACID-FREE PRIMER NUB.
Polymerization - 2 min. in UV lamp 36 W, 30-60 sec. in LED.
The color is pink beige.

Volume 8 ml.

Country of manufacture: USA.

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