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Moon Full Top Fashion Disco No Sticky 8 ml

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Moon Full Top Fashion Disco No Sticky 8 ml

Top for gel polish without a sticky layer Fashion Disco from the Moon brand is created for girls who like to shine. It is intended for the final stage of creating a manicure, on which it covers gel polish, ensuring its long-term durability, beautiful shine and highlight. The product contains iridescent particles, due to which it has a pronounced light-reflecting property. When light is refracted, it creates the effect of magical radiance, which complements the image beautifully and in an original way.

  Advantage of Moon Full products:

-     easy to apply with a layer of medium density and evenly distributed;

-     reliably protects the lacquer from chips and scratches;

-     glitter particles provide spectacular shine;

-     does not leave a sticky layer after application;

-     prevents chipping of gel polish;

-     for a long time preserves the saturation of the color of the varnish, the brightness and shine of the manicure.


Application technology Moon Full:


    1. The last step after color gel polish is to apply Moon Full Top Fashion Disco as a middle coat as a top coat and carefully seal the ends. The finish layer provides a glossy shine and a perfect highlight. 

    2. Cure in a UV lamp for 1-2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. 

    3. Allow the coating to cool well.

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