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Moon Full Summer color №624 8 ml

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Moon Full Summer color №624 8 ml

Colors that perfectly match the mood and season - this is the Moon Full Spring-Summer gel polish palette. Dense, saturated, deep colors will complement the image or become its fashionable accent. Gel polishes are viscous and easy to apply with a convenient brush. Do not spread and do not flow on the cuticle. Easy to apply even at home.

  Advantage of Moon Full products:

-     palette of fashionable colors;

-     applied evenly;

-     has a rich dense shade;

-     durability up to 3 weeks;

-     does not chip, does not crack;

-     protects nails from external influences;

-     does not allow nails to break;

-     does not peel off.


Application technology Moon Full:


    1. Shape your nails to the desired shape with a nail file, push back the cuticles with a pusher. Sand the surface of the nail plate with a buff, paying special attention to the areas near the side ridges, degrease, cover with a primer.

    2. Apply the base. Dry.

    3. Apply Moon Full Spring-Summer Gel Polish in 1 or 2 coats.

    4. Cover your nails with a clear top coat to protect your manicure and cure.

    5. Wipe with a clinser to remove residual tack and give the coating a shine.

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